Farmers cannot bear the cost of retailers’ price cuts
Price campaigns designed to attract footfall into retailers' stores are very damaging and ultimately undermine the value of what farmers produce, the IFA maintains.
21 February 2024 Community
IFA meets with Coveney to discuss staffing crisis in horticulture sector
Increases in staff costs over the past few months are enormous and have left the horticulture sector in an unsustainable position.
7 February 2024 Community
In pictures: the final round of presentations to outgoing members
Here is the final round-up of the recent presentations to IFA officers at the IFA AGM in the Irish Farm Centre.
In pictures: presentations to outgoing officers
Like last week, here's another round-up of recent presentations to IFA staff members.
31 January 2024 Community
IFA: a year in review
A look back at the 2022 year for the IFA.
21 December 2022 Community
Overhaul of the proposed residential land tax needed
IFA farm business chair Rose Mary McDonagh said the RZLT is a "poorly-designed, ill-targeted, disproportionate tax on farm families."
14 December 2022 Community
Minister Hackett must do more on wool issue – IFA
The IFA sheep chair said there are huge opportunities to develop a unique brand for Irish wool and that this work must commence immediately.
19 October 2022 Community
Strong co-op grain prices needed given input cost surge
While grain prices are around 30% higher than last year, costs have increased by a similar amount, IFA grain chair Kieran McEvoy said.
12 October 2022 Community
Protests at discounters over failure to return price increase to farmers
IFA poultry vice chair Brendan Soden said egg producers are strongly considering not restocking their farms if failure to provide a viable income continues
5 October 2022 Community
Proposals from Commission on Taxation further targeting the farming sector
IFA president Tim Cullinan said the proposals in the Commission on Taxation and Welfare (COTW) report will only cause uncertainty for farm families.
21 September 2022 Community
Funding and time required to see results on farms of promising Teagasc research
IFA environment chair Paul O’Brien praised the recent Teagasc open day at Johnstown Castle and urged Government to set aside "adequate funding" to allow the organisation to continue its research.
14 September 2022 Community
IFA president pays tribute to former chief economist Con Lucey
Con Lucey was "one of the country’s most talented economists" who advocated for a "modern, competitive Irish agriculture with family farming at its heart," Tim Cullinan said.
7 September 2022 Community