Tim was away for the day. His discussion group were off to Teagasc’s Solohead Research Farm to hone their skills. I love a day when Tim is away for two reasons: it is a chance for me to get a run at jobs, and it’s a much-needed break for Tim. The discussion group is the ideal stimulus for debate. I had breakfast with my daughter Julie and my grandson Ricky and told Julie of my plans. I would start upstairs and clean the whole house. That entailed lots of washing. There were loads of other chores listed in the plan. Julie asked: “How long is the day, Mum? You won’t be finished until midnight!” I dragged the vacuum cleaner upstairs; armed with the carrying tray for my dusting and cleaning stuff. I went from room to room with gusto, gathering dirty clothes. Then it was back downstairs to put on a washing.

Back upstairs, I found the jeans that Tim had taken off. I removed his pen knife, several screws, a small bolt, a fuse for a plug, some coins and receipts