Although only being produced by a handful of machinery manufacturers worldwide, belt mergers are beginning to grow in popularity in certain parts of the world.

Up until recently, Kuhn was only building one model of belt merger, the Merge Maxx 950. However, due to an increased demand for the product, the company has introduced two new models, the Merge Maxx 760 and the 1090.

Central and side delivery

These new models are based on the existing model, meaning they can be used for both central and side delivery. The concept uses a pickup reel (with a cam track).

The new trailed 760 model is equipped with two 2.75m pickup reels, meaning the merger picks up 5.5m in side-delivery mode. In central-delivery mode, the working width can be increased to 7.5m.

It has two double-acting hydraulic valves and a control terminal that manage belt reversal and individual lifting of the pickup units.

1090 model

The 1090 model has the same main structure as the 950 model, but has an increased working width of 11m in central windrow position. When both 4.4m pickups are positioned side by side in side-delivery position, raking width reaches 8.80m (side windrow not included). The same control terminal is also used to control this machine.