Dangan Automatic Nut Dispenser

Winner of the Lifetime Achievement award at this year’s Innovation Arena, the Dangan dispenser is designed to dispense nuts or ration along the length of the feed trough at preset times, or via a remote control.

The feed hopper holds 2t of ration or nuts, with the ability to extend the trough space to 100 yards to feed up to 100 head of cattle. The system can be programmed to feed any amount of feed any number of times a day. Solar PV panels power the unit when placed away from mains electricity, although farmers can opt to run it from mains if it is nearby.

The new addition to the Dangan dispenser is a drawbar to allow it to be easily moved from field to field. The hopper can be filled using a front loader/telehandler, or direct from a concentrates bin.

JFC ATV Milk Cart 340

The JFC ATV milk cart 340 is designed to be towed by an AT/UTV and can be specified with a metered dispenser and mixer.

With dairy calf-to-beef systems increasing in popularity on Irish drystock farms, and dairy farmers likely to have to retain calves on farm for longer before selling, calf rearing and the labour associated with it will become a key focus for many.

JFC displayed its two milk cart models at the Ploughing – the 170l hand-pushed cart and the 340l cart (pictured) designed to be pulled by an ATV/UTV.

Both carts can be fitted with a metered dispenser for accurate measuring of milk given to calves, with a flow rate of 36l/minute. A mixer can be specified where milk replacer is used, taking four minutes to mix the replacer to a smooth consistency, eliminating the need to hand-mix milk replacer.

The milk carts can be used for both whole milk or milk replacer, with the capacity of the 170l model designed specifically for one bag of milk replacer and two bags for the 340l model. The battery on the unit is capable of handling 7,500l per charge.

Lime pHro

Weighing just 350kg, the Lime pHro is a bolt on attachment suited to most lime spreaders that reduces drift by up to 80%.

Designed by contractor Stephen Kelly, Lime pHro is a hydraulically folding canopy designed to reduce lime drift when spreading.

Stephen says the Lime pHro can reduce dust drift by as much as 80%, allowing contractors to spread on windy days without the valuable lime drifting into adjoining fields or residential areas, while reducing the amount of dust reaching the tractor cab and engine air filters.

Kelly has also designed the unit to allow a water mister to be fitted to further reduce lime drift. The unit weighs 350kg in total and is bolted to the rear axle, avoiding any issues with lime spreaders fitted with weigh cells.

The unit only requires a double-acting spool valve to operate the hydraulic rams for lifting and lowering the canopy, and does not have to be removed for spreading fertiliser.