Time running out for autumn reseeding
Kieran Mailey
With a tight window for autumn reseeding, farmers should consider the merits of a stitching or direct drilling method to establish new grass.
23 August 2023 Schemes
Understanding the new fertiliser database requirements
There is much confusion surrounding the new database, including reports that there is a deadline of 1 September to register as a professional user.
17 August 2023 News
ICMSA calls for extension to lime scheme's 'bizarre timeframe'
The 31 October deadline is as unworkable as it is unrealistic, according to the ICMSA.
Letters due shortly on national liming programme
Eligible farmers do not need to wait for an approval letter before spreading to qualify for payment.
16 August 2023 News
Lime scheme: budget doubled but new 40t limit
The budget for the National Liming Programme has been doubled but the cap on the volume a farmer can claim payment for has been reduced.
16 August 2023 News
All liming scheme applications need approval - IFA
The IFA said that doubling the scheme’s budget is only the first step in rolling out the scheme.
14 August 2023 News
Liming scheme to pay farmers for up to 40t of lime
Farmers will soon know how much lime they will receive payment for under the Department of Agriculture’s National Liming Programme.
13 August 2023 News
Welcome decisions in the face of fieldwork and paperwork challenges
Two Government decisions in the past week take into account the issues confronting farmers and agricultural advisers.
2 August 2023 Editorial
Department reminds farmers to register for fertiliser database
Farmers have just under one month to register for the new database to avoid being fined.
2 August 2023 News
Farmer Writes: soil moisture deficit is no longer
The rain has caused the lime to turn "into what can only be described as a batch of mortar", writes James Strain.
31 July 2023 Farmer Writes
Trying to crack the conundrum of clover
John Egerton embarked on a journey in 2022 to stitch in clover across his grazing swards.
26 July 2023 Northern Ireland
Grazing conditions variable as heavy soils become saturated
Near incessant rainfall has meant that those on heavier soils are now having to be cautious not to damage swards with grazing stock.
19 July 2023 Grass & feeding