Lakeland Dairies has set its milk price for December, upping it to 37.9c/l excluding VAT for milk supplied at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.

The price represents a 0.5c/l rise by the co-operative on the price offered in November, which was 1.2c/l up on the month previous.

Its prices in Northern Ireland have been upped by 0.4p/l on their December levels.

Strong markets

“Global dairy markets are relatively strong, with a general balance in supply and demand worldwide and strong demand in Asia,” the co-operative said on the release of its November price.

“The recent global surge in the new variant of COVID-19 has had a moderating effect on economic activity across every continent, including disruption and restrictions which have affected normal global trading patterns and market trends over several weeks,” stated the co-operative.