After Ireland, the most dramatic increase in milk production across the EU has taken place in Poland.

Since EU milk quotas ended in 2015, Polish milk production has grown by 2% to 5% every year.

However, there are now signs that the bullish growth in supply from Polish dairy farmers is starting to taper off.

According to new figures from Eurostat, Polish milk production for January stood at just over 1bn litres, which is 0.5% ahead of the same month last year.

This slower pace of growth in Polish milk production in January follows a trend we’ve seen since October, when monthly supply growth has been consistently below 2%.


In total, Poland produced 12bn litres of milk last year.

After years of strong supply growth, is the expansion in the Polish dairy sector starting to ease off?

With milk prices set to be very strong in 2021, it could incentivise another year of increased milk output from Poland.

The next few months will tell a lot regarding further growth in Polish milk supply as the country moves into its months of peak milk production. Certainly one to watch for dairy markets.