Applied Concepts will be extending its PTO compressor offering, with the launch of the Varimount 120 set to take place at the Ploughing. Built on the same features and functions as the popular larger Varimount 350, which was first launched five years ago, Applied says the new model offers a guaranteed output of 120 CFM.

The midlands manufacturer says the new Varimount 120 is ideally suited to a range of agricultural, commercial, construction, and industrial applications, like blowing down equipment, powering a blasting machine, or jetting cable into a pre-installed duct.

Like the Varimount 350, the Varimount 120 can be quickly mounted on to the rear or front linkage of any tractor. As it’s driven off the tractor’s engine, Applied says its two-for-one design means diesel emissions are automatically halved.

Designed and manufactured at Applied’s facility in Birr, Co Offaly, the manufacturer says that the unit has gone through over one thousand hours of field testing. With an operating weight of 660kg, the unit has a requirement of 65 horsepower to operate.

The soon-to-be-launched Varimount 120 (left) pictured alongside the Varimount 350 (right)]