Tillage Management: fieldwork begins for many, but take your time
Siobhán Walsh
The past week has brought drying to some parts of the country and allowed many farmers to get some fieldwork done.
18 January 2023 News
Carrie Acheson, voice of the Ploughing, passes away
The Tipperary woman was synonymous with the Ploughing as a constant purveyor of important information over the tannoy.
17 January 2023 News
Carrie Acheson, the voice behind the Ploughing, RIP
From the public address at the Ploughing, to a career in both politics and farm machinery, Carrie Acheson covered a lot of ground in life. She spoke with Anne O’Donoghue at Ploughing 2022.
Use the holiday period to get your records in order
Cold weather has given way to a mild spell yet again, but consider both soil and air temperatures before applying aphicides.
21 December 2022 Husbandry
AgriGuardian app to help improve farm safety
AgriGuardian is an app-based platform which offers three layers of protection for at-risk people or protected users on the farm.
21 December 2022 News
This week in photos: widespread freezing conditions
Our top photos from the past week include farming through the cold snap, the live animal crib in Co Dublin and the 36th Royal Ulster Winter Fair in Co Antrim.
18 December 2022 News
This week in photos: cows and ewes
Our top farming photos from the past week include ewes running with the ram, dairy cows being fed and much more.
11 December 2022 News
Tillage podcast: milling wheat, frosty weather for ploughing and BYDV
On this week’s show the tillage team discuss the frosty weather, opportunities for milling wheat in Ireland and of course grain markets.
8 December 2022 News
Toy review: Farming Simulator 2022
William and Andrew Woods review the Farming Simulator Xbox game.
23 November 2022 Agri toys
IFJ Junior: ‘Don’t squeeze the udder too hard and you’ll be grand’
At the age of 11, Alan Fitzpatrick from Co Clare is already an able milker. He talks to Anne O’Donoghue about his favourite jobs and favourite time of year on the farm.
23 November 2022 Feature
Zwartbles hogget sizzles to €1,500 for new female record
The newly formed Zwartbles Sheep Breeders of Ireland (ZSBI) saw strong demand for its breeding females at its inaugural sale in Tullow on Saturday.
22 November 2022 News
Under the bonnet of the eco-scheme options
Being able to fulfill two eco-scheme obligations is critical for farmers to enable them to claw back almost 20% of the deduction of their entitlement value.
16 November 2022 Crops