The Cargos range of forage wagons were back at Agritechnica, but this time under different livery.

German trailer manufacturer Fliegl exhibited the revitalised Cargos range, which it started producing in March 2023.

The line-up was developed and offered by Claas until it decided to discontinue the production of forage wagons in the second half of 2022.

Fliegl said it has built over 60 forage wagons this year. It noted that everything from metal folding to finished welded assemblies, is now taking place at its factory under one roof.

The Cargos now comes with a larger 2.3m pick-up.

It added that the slight change in colour is due to a Claas trademark.

From the outside, the biggest physical change is the addition of a new moveable front headboard.

Fliegl say that has increased the standard capacity by 3m3, which they claim is the same as an extra 6m3 when compressed. It says the heavy-duty double-sided drive on the larger series is now on all models.

The latest version also comes with a larger 2.3m pick-up and a 40-knife bank. This replaces the outgoing 2m version previously used by Claas.

It features a 40-knife bank.

The Cargos range is made up of five models across two ranges.

The 8000-series features three models (8300, 8400 and 8500) with capacities from 30m2 to 41.5m2.

Meanwhile, the 9000-series features two models (9500 and 9600), which have capacities of 44m2 and 50m2.

The Cargos range is made up of five models across two ranges.