Major showcased its new TS-XTreme flexi trailing shoe to the public for the first time at Lamma.

It has been designed for use in rough and undulating ground where a typical trailing shoe may struggle.

To begin, it has launched one size: a 7.5m unit split into three sections. The system uses a galvanised divider to split the sward, before slurry is applied through rubber boots.

The divider does not force the boot into the ground, but instead is designed to follow the contours of the ground.

When the two wings are folded into transport position, a lateral bar simultaneously lifts the mid-section, which allows reversing and safe transport on the road.

It comes with the choice of Mastek or a Vogelsang macerator/distributor. The unit has 30 outlets, spaced out at 25cm intervals.

It weighs in at 490kg, which is 220kg lighter than the same size trailing shoe. It’s priced at €12,700 plus VAT.