Vogelsang presents new options for trailing shoe slurry systems
Peter Thomas Keaveney
Vogelsang has taken the wraps off a prototype ‘DoubleFlow’ slurry application system, which divides each singular outlet on its trailing shoe into two outlets.
7 February 2024 Farm machinery
Crowds congregate in Cavan as spring show series concludes
The final instalment of the three AJS Spring Farm Machinery shows took place last Wednesday and Thursday at the Cavan Equestrian Centre. Peter Thomas Keaveney and Gary Abbott report.
31 January 2024 News
NI manufacturers show their wares at Balmoral
The AJS Fibrus Spring Farm Machinery show took place last Wednesday and Thursday at the Eikon Exhibition Centre in Lisburn, Co Antrim. Gary Abbott and Peter Thomas Keaveny report.
Lamma 2024: Major debuts new flexi-shoe
Major showcased its new TS-XTreme flexi trailing shoe to the public for the first time at the Lamma show in the UK last week.
24 January 2024 News
Sustainability progress on Irish farms
Origin Green sustainability and data analytics manager Dr Eleanor Murphy reports on Irish farm emissions.
Big crowds, cold weather and mixed moods at Millstreet show
The 2024 series of the AJS Spring Farm Machinery shows got under way last Wednesday and Thursday at the Green Glens arena in Millstreet, Co Cork.
17 January 2024 News
Buying a new slurry tanker – the essential options
Slurry tankers are now highly customisable, Gary Abbott looks at some of the important options worth considering when purchasing a new farm spec slurry tanker.
10 January 2024 Farm machinery
Trailing shoes - what options are available on the Irish market?
Gary Abbott and Peter Thomas Keaveney look in depth at the slurry tanker-mounted trailing shoes systems available on the Irish market.
10 January 2024 Slurry
Considerable easing on lead times for slurry tankers with LESS attachments
The lead times on new tankers with LESS kit has eased, with manufacturers now reporting waiting lists from four weeks to five months, depending on the brand and spec.
10 January 2024 News
Agritechnica 2023: Swiss firm’s ‘Schleppfix’ slurry solution
Swisstec AG presented its Schleppfix simple trailing shoe design at Agritechnica last week, which distributes slurry to the drag-like unit without the use of a macerator.
22 November 2023 Farm machinery
Agritechnica 2023: Vogelsang debut 30m adjustable boom slurry applicator
Vogelsang were among the many wide-boom applicators in the slurry equipment halls at Agritechnica. The firm debuted its new BlackBird 30m trailing shoe.
15 November 2023 News
Danish AD plants buy manure from livestock farms
Denmark's anaerobic digestion industry currently processes around 33% of slurry and manure from their livestock industry and aims to reach 70% within a few years.
9 October 2023 News