After the last glass of champagne has been clinked, when the final guest has gone home and the thank-you cards have been sent, there is a moment when the bride who is now a wife has to put away her wedding dress. This is the dress she might have been fantasising about for years, dreaming about for months, the dress that made her feel the best version of herself. It could be put in the attic, hung in a wardrobe or even sold but no matter where is it, there is a good chance it won’t be worn again.

This is where Audrey Vance comes in with her beautiful wedding dress illustrations. When this lady hung up her knee-length wedding dress after her honeymoon, she said she could not help but feel disappointed. “I loved my gown and was putting it into a dress bag thinking I don’t get to wear this again, I don’t even get to see it. I thought it was such a shame so I drew a fashion illustration of it, framed it and put it up in my house so I could see it every day.”