British-based Stocks Ag offers machines designed for the precise application of small seeds and granular products.

Newly appointed Irish importer and distributor Vantage Ireland displayed a selection of the Stocks machines.

The basic Fan Jet broadcaster can be either gravity fed or metered on to a spinning disc powered by a 12V electric motor. It is available with different hopper sizes and can spread up to 24m. Pricing starts at €1,575 plus Vat.

The Rotor Meter and Turbo Jet models are the next step up and are equipped with outlet hoses and splash plates. They are suited for harrows, rollers and cultivators.

The Turbo Jet can work up to 10m and is commonly used for clover and full rate grass reseeds.

Application rates from 1kg/ha to 100kg/ha are possible. The Rotor Meter and Turbo Jet have respective starting prices of €2,000 and €5,775.