What varieties will you grow this spring?
Siobhán Walsh
Choosing a variety that suits your system and can help to cut inputs is essential. Take time to study the lists.
25 January 2023 News
Millstreet Show highlights: Vantage Ireland takes on Stocks Ag range
Vantage Ireland, the newly appointed importer and distributor for the Stocks Ag range of applicators and seeders, showcased the range at the AJS Spring Farm Machinery show in Millstreet last week.
22 January 2023 News
Recommended spring barley varieties for 2023
Examine the table and have a read through the varieties to see what best suits your system and what variety can help to reduce inputs.
Tillage Management: glyphosate rules and cropping areas
Have your say in the Department of Agriculture's consultation on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation.
11 January 2023 Husbandry
Eight incidences of blackgrass in seed crops in 2022
The Irish Seed Trade has announced a new higher voluntary standard scheme for cover crop seeds that will see a new label on bags of seed.
11 January 2023 News
Irish tillage needs to credibly demonstrate its sustainability
Irish tillage claims to be sustainable and have a low carbon footprint, but this statement needs back-up with data.
10 January 2023 News
Dairy management: Grass seed supply and 2022 accounts
Aidan Brennan advises those looking for grass and clover seeds to secure supplies early, as some seed varieties are likely to be scarce.
4 January 2023 Management
Why are we seeing a rapid spread of blackgrass?
Many different mechanisms can be involved in the local spread of grass weeds but do some seeds have a greater role in expanding the footprint of the area infested?
21 December 2022 Crops
Gardening: festive foliage, foraging and bird-watching
From making a “birdscaping” plan to foraging for a festive wreath, there's lots happening in the garden in December, writes Mary Keenan.
7 December 2022 Gardening
Watch: heavy duty Irish built Alstrong Auctus impresses
Peter Thomas Keaveney writes about his experience putting the Alstrong Auctus one pass reseeding unit through its paces in varying conditions during the summer.
23 November 2022 Farm machinery
Erth Engineering to showcase secondary hopper
Erth Engineering will be unveiling a secondary hopper on its Agriseeder to allow the machine to disperse two products at once, either into the airstream or broadcasted onto the surface.
18 September 2022 Farm machinery
New tillage business starts up
The news business will have a focus on variety and seed choice, along with renewable energy and anaerobic digestion in particular.
14 September 2022 News