A peat operator has been ordered to pay a total of €7,789 between fines and costs after pleading guilty to cutting peat without a license near Athlone, Co Westmeath, last year.

The operator pleaded guilty to cutting peat without the license needed to do so on three occasions around the dates of 5 May, 12 May and 21 July 2022.

It was the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that brought the prosecution against the peat cutter.

Peat was cut from a site at Blyry Lower, Tullycross, Co Westmeath, in the course of business involving an area larger than 50ha.


The operator pleaded guilty to not holding a license or a revised license that would have allowed him to do this.

Judge Owens convicted the male at Athlone District Court for the charges relating to the activities he pleaded guilty to carrying out in May and the unlicensed extraction that took place in July was taken into the judge’s consideration too in the ruling.

He was ordered to pay fines totaling €3,000, while costs of €4,789 were also awarded.