Climate and environment
Plans for €3bn long-term climate and nature fund to be finalised in 2024
Noel Bardon
The State's plans for over €3bn in climate and nature funds are to be unveiled over the coming year.
20 January 2024 Opinion
Opinion: farmers, like the faithful, face the fear of the unknown
Watching The Traitors, a penny has dropped, writes Pat O'Toole. We exist in a constant state of uncertainty when we can't see all the pieces on the board.
SloWaters project paying farmers to slow the flow of water off their land
SloWaters has been piloting flood prevention measures on Irish farms and the project's leader maintains that these measures should now be rolled out at a wider scale.
News Podcast: ACRES payment delays and reprieve from peatland rules
Over 18,000 farmers in this year’s agri-environmental scheme are set to be hit by a significant delay to their payments for 2023.
8 December 2023 News
One-year reprieve from new CAP peatland rules
Those farming peat soils are set to face new CAP rules from 2025 onwards, but the Department had planned having them come into play in January 2024 when it drafted the CAP plan.
6 December 2023 News
Minister seeks one year delay for new CAP peatland rules
The Department of Agriculture is seeking the flexibility to push back the start date for new CAP peatland rules, which had been planned to take effect from January 2024.
Sucklers – where now with the changes?
The extent of the shift in replacement index value for the extremely low carcase breeds seems way out of kilter relative to the vast majority of suckler cows.
6 December 2023 Viewpoints
Department underestimated carbon emissions from peatland plantations
It is estimated that forests on peat soils are probably emitting around 2m to 3m tonnes of carbon annually.
26 November 2023 News
Highland cattle and ponies to be removed from Balmoral Estate
In a shock decision, Britain's King Charles has taken the decision to remove the Balmoral fold of Highland cattle, as well as the estate's Highland ponies.
16 November 2023 News
Rewetting makes it back into EU nature restoration law
MEPs voted to exclude peatland rewetting targets from the EU nature restoration law, but later negotiations with member states' representatives have seen them included in the latest text.
15 November 2023 Climate and environment
IFA claims EU nature restoration law’s text ignores MEP votes
The association raised concerns with European Commissioner for the Environment Virginijus Sinkevicius this week in Brussels.
10 November 2023 News
Final EU nature restoration law agreed in Brussels
Rewetting targets are included in the final text of the law, despite MEPs voting for this article to be dropped.
10 November 2023 Climate and environment