Macra’s mental health initiative, Make the Moove, represented by co-founder John Keane, presented at the first Safe Habitus policy seminar – “mental health and wellbeing of farmers”. The Safe Habitus programme is an EU-funded project and its project coordinator is Dr David Meridith of Teagasc.

The event was co-sponsored by Irish MEP Maria Walsh and Finnish MEP Petri Sarvamaa and brought together key stakeholders from across the EU, including farmers, representatives from COPA and CEJA, as well as policymakers and those working in the area. Minister Martin Heydon also spoke virtually at the event.

In his presentation, John Keane addressed the key challenges identified by Irish farmers causing stress and pressure.

From financial stress to succession issues and the pressure from regulations, Make the Moove also looked at isolation and the idea of isolation among the noise.

Keane spoke about the community-based response which Make the Moove was formed on and the buy-in that rural people have in the programme.

During his presentation, the idea of “mind fitness”, along with our relationship with ourselves was delved into.

Finally, John addressed the challenges facing farming and farmers and posed the question to EU stakeholders as to what they are going to do to support the EU’s farmers.

Make the Moove continues its work in the area of crisis response. It is also offering training, talks and presentations to groups, individuals and companies alike.

It is a ground-up approach and is available for anyone to get in touch with.

Email or call/WhatsApp: 086-084 0442 for further information.