Hogget prices up £43 in Q1 of 2024

Factory prices paid for slaughter fit hoggets have increased by almost 200p/kg from January to late March, data published by the Livestock and Meat Commission shows.

Hoggets averaged 536.4p/kg across all conformation grades during the first week of 2024, surging to 727.2p/kg by the week ending 23 March.

That differential equates to 190.8p/kg, adding £43 to the value of a 22.5kg hogget over the 12 week period.


However, factory prices in Britain have surged ahead of those paid by NI plants.

Market reports show hoggets started the year on 615.6p/kg, rising to a record high average of 838.8p/kg by the week ending 23 March.

Hoggets processed in the Republic of Ireland have averaged 618.7p/kg during Q1 of 2024, around 11p/kg above the equivalent value at NI plants.

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