NI Trends: beef prices rise as demand exceed supply
Kieran Mailey
Beef prices in Northern Ireland are rising as factories chase numbers.
20 September 2023 Northern Ireland
UFU losing patience with GB pedigree sales
Alexander Kinnear said the rules associated with export sales are proving unworkable and he described some of the requirements as “an insult to the industry”.
20 September 2023 Northern Ireland
GB calf birth registrations down in 2023
Calf birth registrations in Britain have decreased during the first half of 2023.
Beef Trends: stand-off on factory prices
Factories might try to pay less next week, but there is no guarantee that they will succeed.
23 August 2023 Markets
Weak ROI beef prices pulling cattle north
Imports of Republic of Ireland cattle for direct slaughter in NI are the highest they have been for a number of years
16 August 2023 Northern Ireland
Higher prices drive NI agri-food turnover
NI food and drink processing remains the largest manufacturing sector within the NI economy.
2 August 2023 Northern Ireland
The EU and UK must listen to views from NI
A House of Lords committee report on the Windsor Framework has highlighted the key issues for NI.
26 July 2023 Northern Ireland
Supreme Court rejects RHI case
The Supreme Court in London has rejected an application by the Renewable Heat Association for Northern Ireland.
12 July 2023 Northern Ireland
Big Australian volumes hit UK market
Australian sheep meat exporters demonstrated this week that they will be a serious player in the British sheep meat market.
12 July 2023 News
Irish cattle price rollercoaster
Market factors are hitting Irish cattle prices even though they are having little impact on UK counterparts.
7 July 2023 News
Milk prices in Britain ahead of NI
Dairy processors in Britain have set base milk prices for July and August.
5 July 2023 Northern Ireland
Plan for NI genetics scheme revealed
Participation in the new genetics programme will be a requirement for claiming future support in Northern Ireland.
28 June 2023 Northern Ireland