Wider reach hedge cutter from Bomford

The introduction of the new Turner Hawk 7.0P T Power Plus hedge cutter from Bomford marks the availability of a wider reach unit, with more spec and hydraulic capacity than previously offered.

It is the widest reach unit available from Bomford in a three-point linkage mounted machine, and does so through the use of Bomford’s new four-point linkage stabiliser bracket.

This mounting frame from the British manufacturer uses the conventional three-point linkage, while also connecting to the tractor’s pickup hitch to create additional stability and rigidity when working.

Meanwhile, Bomford says this system can be retrofitted to older machines.

With increased power, Power Plus boosts the rating of the machine to 72hp.

The advanced ICS controls have been upgraded to the new ICS4, which now features the control choice on the Power Plus model.

This includes a colour screen, a fully proportional control joystick, programmable hydraulic ram cylinder speeds plus driver aid functions like grease and oil change reminders signalled to the operator via an LCD screen display.

Another standard feature with the ICS controls is an oil cooler, while further standard features include electronic rotor reverse and electronic head and arm float. Prices start from €41,000 plus VAT.

New control option for Twose 5-Series hedge cutters

Twose has updated its flagship EPP electric proportional control system for improved precision and ergonomics. Available as an option on all 65hp, 5-Series hedge cutters, the new Twose EPP system provides control of up to five hydraulic services from a new progressive joystick controller with two easy-access hat control buttons.

New control option for Twose 5-Series hedge cutters.

Twose EPP controls deliver proportional control of the key functions including lift, reach and head angle. Telescoping and slew are controlled by selecting one of the joystick buttons and twisting.

Control of the remaining functions including head flotation, rotor engagement and emergence stop is accessed from the control panel within fingertip reach.

The compact size of the control unit allows for quick mounting to the tractor seat armrest without taking up space or restricting access to and from the seat.

The Twose flagship 5-Series offers four different reach options from 5.7m to 6.7m, 65hp independent hydraulic systems and a choice of controls. Three different armsets are available including standard; telescopic – adding or retracting up to 1m of extra reach; and a cranked forward reach (CFR) option.

Control options include the new electronic EPP system or a low-pressure hydraulic joystick.

New Propilot control system for larger Twiga models

Spearhead has recently introduced its latest range-topping control system, the Propilot Electric Proportional Control System. The system includes a new 10in colour touchscreen display with fully electric proportional CANbus controls.

Features of the control system include customisable joystick layout to suit each operator’s preference and customisable arm speeds as well as a soft start rotor function.

The Propilot system includes a new 10in colour touch screen display with fully electric proportional CANbus controls.

On screen, the operator can clearly see oil temperatures and oil cooler status, rotor hour log with the option of creating job reports and service alerts.

The Autolevel function automatically monitors the angle of the head allowing the system to automatically maintain the head’s set angle while cutting.

Autopilot E is a new optional electronic version of the Autopilot high-speed verge mowing system with variable pressure settings.

Propilot is currently only available on the Twiga Pro, Twiga Flex and Twiga Orbital Series but is expected to be made available to the Twiga Mid models this year.

McConnel adds power and reach

Two new 60hp Power Arms models have been added to McConnel’s 55-Series hedge cutter range. The new PA5555-60 and PA5755-60 come with respective reaches of 5.5m and 5.7m, while benefitting from an additional 5hp compared with the standard PA5155 and PA5455 models, which have respective reaches of 5.1m and 5.4m.

Two new 60hp Power Arms models have been added to McConnel’s 55-Series hedge cutter range.

In addition, an oil cooler has been added to the three-point linkage-mounted Power Arms models as well as redesigned rear guards and LED road lighting.

McConnel’s parallel-arm and Hy-reach geometry is still offered as standard, along with the seam-welded C-section arms and fully bushed pivot points. Hydraulic Power Slew is another standard feature.

The PA5555-60 and PA5755-60 are available with the tried-an-tested cable controls or the firm’s electronic proportion control system - motion control.

Cutting attachments include a selection of flail heads from 1.2m to 1.5m in size, rotary heads, saw heads and cutter-bars.


A heavy-duty ditch and drain cleaner can also be optioned on request.

Elsewhere, the 65-Series Power Arms range has received a hydraulic system upgrade for greater output and performance.

All 65- Series models now come with 70hp hydraulic system as standard, 5hp more than the original 65hp.

GES appointed agent for Energreen self-propelled hedge cutters

Green Equipment Supplies (GES) has recently been appointed as the official supplier of Energreen self-propelled machines for the Irish market.

According to GES, based in Wexford, these self-propelled machines were originally sold in Ireland by Spearhead through the UK, albeit in limited numbers.

GES have been appointed as agents for the Italian built Energreen self-propelled hedge cutters

The appointment now means that GES will be retailing the entire range of the Italian-built Energreen equipment. This includes remote-control machines, an extensive range of attachments and now the five models of self-propelled hedge-cutters with a reach of up to 17 metres.

With a price tag starting in the region of €150,000 plus VAT, the multipurpose self-propelled Kommunal will be arriving in Ireland at the beginning of September and the firm has said it will be organising a demo day in the midlands for the second week of September with details to be confirmed shortly.