This tiny Angus calf is five times smaller than an average Angus calf, weighing in at just 6.8kg when she was born on 29 January.

The heifer, named Batgirl, was breathing normally and trying to stand despite being born prematurely at Tannas Ranches in Alberta, Canada.

Vet Cody Creelman told the Irish Farmers Journal that the heifer, who was smaller than a welly, even tried to suck from her mother but could not reach high enough.

Creelman and his assistant Ceanna kept the tiny calf under close surveillance, giving her small feeds from a lamb bottle, maintaining her body temperature and checking her oxygen levels.

Batgirl is now thriving and drinking from her mother, although she will most likely remain smaller than her comrades for the rest of her life, according to Creelman.

The peak calving season in Alberta is in April but many of the purebred herds are calving now.

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