Lakeland Dairies has increased its base price for milk supplied in June.

It will pay a base price of 41.4c/l excluding VAT at base solids. This includes a 0.48c/l sustainability payment, excluding VAT.

This represents a 1.6c/l increase in the base price. However, a 0.95c/l excluding VAT input support payment is no longer being offered.

In Northern Ireland, a base price of 35.8p/l will be paid for milk supplied in June, which is inclusive of a 0.5p/l sustainability incentive payment.

‘No significant changes’

In a statement announcing June’s milk price, Lakeland Dairies said: “The market remains largely similar to last month, with no significant changes in the supply-demand balance.

“Weather and grazing conditions on the island have improved, but remain a constant challenge for farmers.

“Lakeland Dairies will continue to monitor the markets and will endeavour to support our farmers as best we can,” it added.