PJ Callan Ltd will have a wide range of products on display at Grass & Muck this year, includ-

ing Kioti tractors, Fiona seed drills, Dal-Bo 630 roller, Brix Rambo three- leg chisel plough, Ovlex subsoiler, subsoiler disc harrows and heavy- duty cultivators, Einbock 6m harrow with pneumatic seeders, Negri 220 shredder, Samson slurry and manure spreaders, Osella sprayers, Delo-rino finishing mower and rotavator, Rotadarion 200 stone covering burier, Forgio stone burier and TP wood chippers.

For the first time, PJ Callan will have the Einbock P-BOX-STI on display. This machine is a pneumatic airseeder with electrical seed amount dosage. The user-friendly SPEED-TRONIC control unit regulates the seeding amount depending on the actual working speed. The necessary speed data is obtained from various sensors or via the seven-pole signal cable from the tractor. A 5in display, physical buttons in an ergonomic arrangement and a menu-driven control of all functions and settings ensure a fast and exact working with the P-BOX-STI.

The control unit provides compre- hensive features like:

  • Hectare- and acre-calculation of
  • daily and total areas.
  • Operating hours counter.
  • Automatic calibration test – optional
  • with calibration button attached to
  • the machine.
  • Seeding rate displayable and adjust-
  • able in seed weight/area or grains/
  • area.
  • Automatic switching on/off of the
  • seeding roller on the headland via
  • upper link sensor.
  • Pre-metering-function.
  • Tank level control.
  • Metric and imperial units.
  • Air flow control.
  • Numerous sensors (linkage sensor, GPS sensor, air flow control, tank level sensor) monitor and control the seeding process.

    With the P-BOX-STI, all the usual kinds of seeds up to a size of 5mm can be sown, depending on the amount of seeding and the working speed, with an easy adjust-ment from about 1kg to 300kg/ha.

    The P-BOX-STI can be attached to all Einböck machines as well as to machines from other manufacturers, such as harrows, disc harrows and landrollers.

    PJ Callan Ltd, Kells Road, Ardee, Co Louth.

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