The German-built Güttler range of equipment is imported into Ireland by Phil Traynor, who is based in Dungarvan, Co Waterford.

Güttler supplies a large selection of cultivation and grassland equipment.

Its two most popular machines designed for rejuvenating older pastures are the GreenMaster and GreenSeeder series.

Both machines are modular in design, meaning tools can be added or removed depending on the situation.

The GreenMaster is the most popular unit in Ireland and features a twin-row tine arrangement, consisting of 12mm tines, with 75mm spacings. Following the tines is a self-cleaning prism roller. Two different roller diameter options are available.

Seeding is carried out using Güttler’s own pneumatic seeder, which is also available as a standalone retrofit unit. Either hydraulic drive or mechanical drive options are available. Working widths vary from 2.5m to 3m right up to larger trailed 6m units.

The GreenSeeder is a tine harrow and pneumatic seeder solution, with no following prism roller. The unit is also fitted with two rows of 12mm tines, with 75mm spacings. Two working widths are available – either 6m or 7m. Both units are hydraulic-folding for road transport.

The GreenMaster and GreenSeeder are available with or without seeding units and both have the flexibility to have additional tools added or removed, such as levelling boards etc.

The 200l and 400l seed hoppers are the most common in Ireland. Prices for both the GreenMaster and GreenSeeder start at €16,000 plus VAT.