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Professor demands evidence for red meat health risk claims

Professor Alice Stanton of the Royal College of Surgeons & Devenish questions dramatic increase in health risk of red meat and challenges the Lancet to publish the evidence that underpins the findings.

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NI Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots

While bovine TB is an issue right across the Island, the highest rates of the disease continue to be found in Northern Ireland, where unlike the Republic of Ireland, there has been no attempts made to control the disease in wildlife.

Last Friday NI Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots launched a consultation on proposals designed to put in place the necessary steps to deliver on a long term plan to eradicate bovine TB in NI.

The proposals include placing a cap on the compensation paid for reactor animals and also mirroring the Republic of Ireland approach around badger culling, with a view to a role out of a future vaccination policy. David Wright began by asking the minister whether he was the person to finally deliver a policy that will rid NI of this disease.

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