Tillage Management: preparing for dry weather
Siobhán Walsh
Wet weather has continued to delay work in tillage fields across the country. Hopefully things are looking up.
28 March 2023 News
INHFA calls for legislation to ban all non-working dogs on hills and farmland
Considerable fines need to be handed out to those caught with non-working dogs on farmland and it should be considered a criminal offence, the INHFA has argued.
20 March 2023 News
Live maggots found in fried chicken as FSAI complaints rose by 20% in 2022
A total of 7,363 queries and complaints were handled by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland's advice line in 2022.
Majority in favour of ‘Safe Pass’ certificate for farming
The project has surfaced some interesting pre- and post-evaluation survey results from farmers around farm safety approaches.
8 March 2023 News
300ac solar farm set for 2019 Ploughing site
As the pace to decarbonise our energy system ramps up, Ireland’s latest large-scale solar farm has just received planning permission from Carlow County Council.
28 February 2023 News
Farm safety conference to highlight power of peer-to-peer mentoring
The conference will showcase how farm safety can be increased by empowering farmers to work with their peers to identify risks.
28 February 2023 News
TAMS III: dribble bars dropped, dung spreaders, bale slices and aerators in
Check out what has been added to the machinery element of the new TAMS III.
18 February 2023 News
Six top tips for buying a used fertiliser spreader
Gary Abbott outline six top tips' that farmers should consider when purchasing a used fertiliser spreader.
8 February 2023 Farm machinery
Five safety tips for calving time
When calving cows, it is important to keep safety in mind. Outlined are some tips to make spring-calving much safeR.
4 February 2023 Management
BSE detected in cow in the Netherlands
Dutch Minister for Agriculture Piet Adema confirmed the detection of BSE in a cow carcase.
1 February 2023 Markets
Five modifications for the calving shed
Having good facilities makes calving cows much easier for herd owners. Before calving starts, have a look around the shed and see if anything can be improved on.
28 January 2023 Management
Cork teen designs movable calf crush with ‘everything’
Teen CJ Bryan turned his hand to the design of a movable calf crush, suitable for all farmer needs.
23 January 2023 News