The calf trade remains strong this week, with sales around the country reporting good demand across the board for calves. That being said, the average prices being reported continue to trend downwards.

The biggest factor in this decline is in the number of four-week-old calves offered for sale, which has dropped from 20% of calves last week to 14% over the last seven days. It is in this age bracket that the headline-catching prices have been seen in recent weeks, with farmers willing to pay more for that stronger calf.

The number of Friesian bulls traded this week increased significantly which saw a big price shift, back €16 on the week to an average price of €61. Angus and Hereford heifers continue to build in numbers, with the average price paid for a three-week-old calf €212 and €220, back €36 and €53 respectively.

Continental calf numbers remain tight, which has halted any reduction in price for these types. Three-week-old Belgian Blue bulls averaged €345 this week, while Limousin heifers the same age made €289.