Cara (11) and Iona (9) Mallarkey, Airdlin Mains, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Cara: “We live on our parents’ farm in the northeast of Scotland. We have cows, sheep, chickens, dogs and grow barley. This spring we have been busy helping with the lambing. Iona and I own 20 Zwartble and Zwartble-cross ewes which go to a Blue Texel and a Dutch spotted tup. The Dutch Spotted lambs are looking really good. The flock started five years ago when we were given two in lamb gimmers as Christmas presents.

“Our jobs at lambing were to check the ewes inside at 7am then go round the pens feeding and bedding the new mothers. This year we lambed a ewe ourselves and mum says our small hands come in handy.”

Iona: “Last Christmas we were given two heifer calves as a present. Dad had put bows on them but they fell off. One is a Charolais cross and the other is a Belgian Blue cross and we are going to keep them so they can have their own calves. The cows are a big for us to work with but we push the feed up in the pass and check them at calving time. We even use the calving camera on the TV and can keep an eye on dad.

“To make some money we sell eggs on the farm and take some into school. Our teacher bought some from us. We have 21 hens and all sorts of breeds. The most expensive were two Silver Laced Wyandottes we bought for £70. I think it could be quails next.

“This summer we will be training up our new collie puppy Pip. He is nine weeks old and keeps running up to the fence whenever the sheep get close. We have two other sheepdogs who help dad with the ewes too.”

Cara: “I love living on a farm and I think a lot of my classmates would like to be on a farm too. It is a small school and I am the only girl in my year. When I am older I would like to be a vet.”

Iona: “My favourite time of the year on the farm is lambing. When I am older I would like to sell my own produce from the farm straight to the customer.”