Easter 2020

Birds continue to build their nest

Squirrels run lively along the bark

Sunbeams warm despite the pest

God will always make his mark

Wars and plagues and crises past

Have we survived with soul intact

The old and wise know what it takes

When God decides to hit the brakes

Slow down - we must evaluate

Our lives thus far, our common fate

The pest arrests not for position or euro

Influence nor pleading

It’s in God we find healing

Tara Hogan grew up in Templemore, Co Tipperary. She spent her youth on the farm in Killough with her grandparents, Denis and Mary Meagher, aunt Denise and uncle Tim (RIP).

Although she moved to Copenhagen 19 years ago, fond memories of drawing in the hay, dosing sheep and herding the cattle will always be with her.

Tara Hogan grew up in Templemore, Co Tipperary.

The rosary was said every night and there was always an appreciation for life’s blessings. She frequently returns to Tipperary and now walks her parents' land with her father Mick and mother Anna.

Tara is a language consultant and head of English in Studieskolen, Copenhagen.

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