Pöttinger, the Austrian family-owned machinery manufacturer, is currently celebrating its 150th year in business.

To coincide, the firm’s financial year results for 2020/2021 show that the company turned over €405m, the highest turnover in its history. This shows an 11% increase in comparison with the previous year.

Pöttinger is an export-reliant manufacturer, exporting 88% of the machines it builds. It manufactures both grassland and tillage equipment.

Its grassland equipment accounts for 69% of overall turnover, with the remaining 31% accounting for tillage equipment.

Pöttinger has 16 sales locations worldwide and four manufacturing plants in Europe. Combined, the firm currently employees 1,929 people.

Almost 60% of total turnover was achieved in Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Britain. Germany accounted for 18% of the turnover, while France accounted for a further 15%.

It said that sales overseas also developed positively over the last year, with Canada growing by 48% and Australia growing by 33%. Meanwhile, Russia recorded a 151% increase in turnover.