For many of us, makeup habits are formed in our early teens when we spend hours in front of the mirror trying out every makeup look possible. I have always been a big fan of vibrant lip colours. My mother has always worn a bright lipstick, so I definitely followed her trend and, 40 years later, I am still loving my bright lippy. Trinny London Valentina lip is a lovely bright scarlet red.

My godmother, Beryl, always wore a lick of shimmery green on her eyelids – just a pop of warm colour – from a very young age. I remember thinking how pretty it looked. I, too, wear green eyeshadow and my favourite is The Rebel Palette by Charlotte Tilbury. My eyes shine bright with just a dab of this divine green shadow combo on my eyelids. Not only does it bring out my eye colour, but it reminds me of my dear Beryl.

After the initial experimentation stage, many of us decide on our signature look and rarely do we deviate from this. Many of us get stuck in a makeup rut; a lifetime of the same colours and styles, too nervous to try and change the makeup we wear daily. A girlfriend of mine still wears the same Rimmel lipstick colour she has worn since the early ’80s and would be petrified to wear anything else – the thought of changing her lipstick colour actually gives her anxiety.

Storing makeup

Did you know that makeup, if stored carefully in a cool, dry place, unopened and completely sealed, will last two to three years? But please be particularly careful of mascaras and lipsticks. Once opened, chuck them out after a year at most as they can be full of bacteria. A handy way to store your makeup (to keep it clean and well-organised), is in a snap-shut, clear Tupperware box.

When I am giving a makeup lesson, my clients often ask how best to reinvent their makeup look, how to learn new skills and what the latest and greatest makeups are on the market. I adore making someone look completely different; giving them a glamour makeover to make them look and feel a million dollars. I’m often asked if my hands are magic wands, which always makes me smile. After nearly 30 years as a makeup artist, I still adore the magic of makeup.

Treat yourself

If you feel you are in that makeup rut, why not treat yourself and get your makeup done professionally? You can book in for a makeover or lesson with any of the cosmetic houses (Charlotte Tilbury, Mac and Estée Lauder provide amazing makeover services) or book into your local beauticians. Not only is it a gorgeous experience, it is a real confidence boost and you can pick up lots of beauty tips and buy some makeup to set you up for the new year.

I would be delighted to help any of you with your makeup queries. Just drop me a line and I will help you update and modernise your makeup regime (

Eyebrow problems

A problem I see regularly is over-plucked eyebrows. Thin brows are very aging on the face. Ideally, you want a full, lifted brow to frame your face. If you have succumbed to being an over plucker and your brows no longer grow back, try a little trick of mine: a splash of castor oil rubbed into the brows nightly will help with growth. A brow kit is a fantastic way to help you enhance your thinning brows and make them appear fuller. I use the Light Medium L’Oréal’s Brow Artist Genius Kit, which comes with a tweezer, wax and powder combo. This will give you a natural brow which stays in place and is so easy to use (€12).


Ensure your foundation matches your skin type. The older we get the drier our skin can become so opt for a lighter foundation. Avoid a thick, heavy, matte foundation as this can be very aging on the skin and show wrinkles. A plumping, moisturising formula is the way to go.

When you are trying out your new foundation, always place a blob on your jawline, not on the back of your hand, so you get the perfect match to your skin tone.

Try Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation (€34.45) – its natural coverage will make your skin look youthful and glowing and melts away the imperfections and fine lines.

As the years tick by, I’m finding my lashes are getting more sparse, so a good-quality, thick volumising mascara really helps with this. I advise you to apply two or even three coats of mascara and let each coat dry fully before you apply the next one. Defining Mascara by Lancôme is a smooth, creamy formula which thickens and will volumise the lashes. It is very long-lasting and smudge-proof (€30).

Even the smallest amount of makeup makes a difference, ladies, so why not pop on a tinted moisturiser or a light dab of foundation with a dusting of bronzer. Benefit Caramel Bronzer is a gorgeous, soft, natural bronzing powder and comes in a handy wee box. Add a lick of gloss or lipstick and you’re ready to go. I always have lipstick or gloss in my car, at my desk and one in my handbag, so I’m never without.

Finally, please keep drinking your water. It’s so good for you and your skin, and keeping hydrated makes you feel and look great.