“I’m determined to spread as much positivity as I can in these unprecedented times,” says Kasia O'Reilly of Sana Naturals; an eco-conscious artisanal skincare company based in Co Cavan.

This is also why she is running a Green Friday campaign to support the Irish Cancer Society this year, having lost loved ones to cancer and experienced a health scare herself last year.

Sana Naturals are handmade products that focus on restoring the healthy balance of the skin using natural ingredients.

Sana Naturals Serum, Face Wash and Quartz Roller.

Living and working from her home studio in the Cavan countryside, Kasia gets her inspiration from the outdoors. Physical wellbeing is a core element of her business and between 27 and 30 November, 10% of her online sales will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society.

“These are unprecedented times as COVID-19 is impacting our lives. Those who are affected by cancer are among the most vulnerable at the moment and the donations from the Green Friday Cancer Support Campaign will help bring a little extra wellbeing to those who really need it during this difficult time,” says Kasia.

Kasia O'Reilly of Sana Naturals.

“Having had all four grandparents pass away from cancer and my brother fighting it five years ago, I grew up fearing the dreadful disease. I would love to help those who are less fortunate with their health.”

Sana Naturals Serum and Quartz Roller.

Prompted by a health scare last year, Kasia hopes to support people suffering with cancer.

“Last November I visited my GP to check a few unexplained symptoms. It turned out that a few tests vaguely indicated cancer so my GP send me for a womb ultrasound. With bad news coming too often, I was fearing the worst.

I could have had cancer but instead I have this beautiful baby

“I was thankfully given the all clear and was also told that if there was ever a perfect moment to conceive a baby, that was it. We hit the jackpot that day and our baby girl Elena was born in August. I could have had cancer but instead I have this beautiful baby. After experiencing the cancer threat, I realise how absolutely lucky I am having my beautiful baby and my health, a double win.”

Kasia has always had a passion for skincare.

My mission is to simplify

“The love for nature has been passed down in my family for generations,” she says. “Growing up I was always picking wild plants, digging clay from the rich Polish soil and making herbal potions. This passion has since developed into making natural skincare, as I struggle with challenging skin myself. Keeping it healthy used to be a battle.”

Sana Naturals Hands, Body and Hair Balm.

The minimalistic approach in skincare is an important part of Sana Naturals: “My mission is to simplify.

“I’ve discovered over the years that when it comes to our skin, less is often more. I believe all we need in skincare are only truly natural and effective essentials,” she adds.

Kasia founded her business in 2017. “It took years of fighting my sensitive skin to learn that simplicity and gentleness is the key. That struggle launched me on a quest for solutions, and ultimately to the current path of making skincare products that help women feel good in their skin again.

Sana Naturals Oil Serum with Vitamin C.

“When creating Sana Naturals I was yearning to create products that support one’s health and body wellness, products that bring joy and peace of mind and inspire a reconnection with the healing forces of nature.”

Conscious choices

Sustainability is also very important to the Sana Naturals brand.

“I’m very passionate about promoting the ethos of conscious buying, choosing products that are Irish, as local as possible and have minimal impact to the planet and its inhabitants. I do my best to integrate conscious choices into every aspect of the business.

Sana Naturals Face Wash.

“When we buy wisely, consciously choosing such products, I believe we reconnect to the earth and make the world a better place to live for generations to come,” she says.

“By supporting small local businesses you are helping your local community flourish. Although we are all currently socially distant, we are all standing strong together.”

Kasia hopes that providing this fundraising platform will increase donations to the Irish Cancer Society. “The more we spread the message, the more we can help bring a little extra well-being to our community,” she concludes.

All information about Sana Naturals is available on the website, Instagram and Facebook.

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