Variation within breed more important than across breed
Darren Carty
Differences between breeds are often discussed and debated but Frank Campion, Teagasc, advises that huge gains can be made by identifying variation within breed.
24 February 2022 Management
What is the best-performing breed in a hill sheep system?
The Teagasc national hill sheep conference which takes place on Thursday 24 February will explore the effect of breed on the performance of hill sheep.
12 January 2022 Grass & feeding
Bull beef systems can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 32%
Teagasc research modelling greenhouse gas emissions from beef systems shows the huge potential of bull beef systems in Ireland. Declan Marren writes.
2021 is not a year to ignore closing targets
Grass growth rates have been running well ahead of normal in recent weeks creating a temptation to continue grazing and delay closing dates.
24 November 2021 Grass & feeding
Clock ticking but still possibly time to address ewe condition
Frank Campion assesses ewe body condition score trends on Teagasc BETTER farm sheep programme farms and its effect on reproductive performance.
15 September 2021 Management
In pictures: Limerick BETTER Farmer to disperse suckler herd
Adam Woods chats to Donal Scully about his upcoming dispersal sale of suckler cows in Gortatlea Mart on Thursday 19 August at 5.30pm.
18 August 2021 Breeding & health
Sheep breeding is a numbers game
Having ewes at the correct BCS, hitting weight targets and ensuring nutritional requirements are satisfied will help optimise litter size, reduce barren rates and underpin positive performance.
21 July 2021 Sheep breeding
Watch: new sheep shed transforms farm infrastructure in Roscommon
The shed built at the end of 2020 has been integral in allowing Shane Moore to expand flock numbers while not interfering with off-farm employment.
16 June 2021 Infrastructure
Using seven-week weights to track performance
With performance to seven weeks on target, Teagasc researcher Frank Campion says the goal on farms participating in the Teagasc BETTER farm sheep programme is to carry this through to weaning.
2 June 2021 Grass & feeding
Sheep Management: slaughter performance, dispatch documents and shearing
Reports show a significant variation in the slaughter performance of lambs, with weather having a big influence on how lambs are killing out.
26 May 2021 Management
Grass supplies on a knife edge on Teagasc BETTER farms
Teagasc adviser Frank Campion says careful management is required to ensure grass supplies are maintained on track and recovery is quick once grass growth improves.
21 April 2021 Grass & feeding
Beef Management: curing calf scour, delayed turnout and BETTER Farm NI webinar
This week we take a look at curing calf scour, delayed turnout and how to manage it, and the use of painkillers on farms.
17 March 2021 News