Northern Ireland
Average BPS payout at three-year low
David Wright
In both 2020 and 2021, additional money was added into the BPS payment pot in NI.
Dairy farmer makes case for regenerative ag
The need for more resources to be targeted at regenerative farming was made to MLAs last Thursday.
17 April 2024 Northern Ireland
CAFRE advice on cutting waste in dairy
David Wright reports from a farm walk organised by CAFRE, on the McConnell farm outside Armagh.
Cut back on slurry for first cut, farmers told
Applying slurry in April is not ideal unless ground has been grazed beforehand
10 April 2024 Northern Ireland
DAERA on the look-out for carbon calculator
The calculator will eventually be used to assess emissions on all farms in NI
3 April 2024 Northern Ireland
Bidders sought for Farming for the Generations
The aim of the scheme is to assist farm businesses to plan for a timely transition to the next generation
3 April 2024 Northern Ireland
Farmers must ‘opt-in’ to new beef scheme
The aim of the Beef Carbon Reduction Scheme is to reduce the carbon footprint of NI beef production
27 March 2024 Northern Ireland
‘Madness’ to swap local food for imports
David Wright reports from a CAFRE conference, which aimed to improve understanding of carbon on dairy farms.
6 March 2024 Northern Ireland
Conference to tackle carbon on dairy farms
An upcoming conference will look at the issue of greenhouse gas emissions on dairy farms
21 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Training fully booked for soil scheme
All courses to be held this spring as part of the SNMS are fully booked with farmers now being directed to the online training option.
14 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Half of all cost on NI dairy farms is feed
In 2023, concentrates made up 40% of costs on benchmarked dairy farms in Northern Ireland, with forage costs accounting for a further 9%.
14 February 2024 Northern Ireland
CAFRE conference to explore carbon challenge
A range of speakers will look at why carbon efficiency is important on-farm and what actions can be taken to reduce emissions.
7 February 2024 Northern Ireland