Northern Ireland
Top BPS recipients in NI affected by cap
David Wright
Defra has published the annual list of direct payments to farmers across the UK.
NI round-up: Rural Support survey and surge in cattle imports from ROI
Weekly round-up of news from the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
29 March 2023 Northern Ireland
NI news: wildfires and soil training
Weekly news in-brief from across the farming and food industry in Northern Ireland.
Avoiding ‘a sickener’ with an infertile bull
In a series of talks across NI, experienced vet, Brian Kennedy has outlined key issues to watch out for to avoid issues with bull fertility in 2023, writes David Wright.
15 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Short course staff shortage at CAFRE
Local farmers have indicated there are long waiting lists for short courses at the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise.
15 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Efficiency in rush control with water bodies in mind
Rushes can require frequent controlling to keep them at bay, but at the same time, farmers need to be conscious of water bodies.
High costs squeeze sheep margins in 2022
Farmers participating in the NI Sheep Programme have been among the first to get their financial results for 2022.
22 February 2023 News
Improving nutrient management with farm technology
Technology is playing a greater role in farm management tasks, with the potential benefits on soil nutrient management outlined during a recent webinar. Kieran Mailey reports.
15 February 2023 Northern Ireland
NI Sheep Programme closing conference: how did the farms progress?
A wrap up conference for the Northern Ireland Sheep Programme will outline the progress of the nine farms over the past three years.
8 February 2023 Lambing
Greenmount playing it safe with clover
How to make best use of nutrients was the topic for the first of two webinars organised by AgriSearch, CAFRE and AFBI.
8 February 2023 Northern Ireland
Tackling the energy cost of running the milking parlour
The milking parlour is the most crucial piece of kit on every dairy farm, but it uses a lot of energy. Kieran Mailey reports from a CAFRE open day, where operating costs were outlined to farmers.
1 February 2023 Buildings
Farmers urged to feed in views on ammonia
A consultation on a draft ammonia strategy closes in NI on 3 March 2023.
1 February 2023 Northern Ireland