Supply outweighs demand for late-season calves
Declan Marren
After a price bounce in the last fortnight, prices have eased once again as demand wanes for later-born calves.
4 May 2022 News
Calf prices: late-season price lift for Angus calves
Angus calves are up over €20/head this week on the back of strong export demand last week. Limited availability of livestock ferries this week will likely see this figure readjust in the coming days.
2 May 2022 Markets
In pictures: ferry availability affects calf trade in Bandon Mart
After enjoying a strong performance last week, prices were back slightly for Angus calves on this May bank holiday sale in Bandon Mart.
Export demand underpinning traditional calf prices
Calf prices are steady if not spectacular, with exporter demand for Angus calves in evidence as Friesian bull calf numbers decline.
27 April 2022 Markets
Slight bounce in trade for beef calves in Bandon
There was a slight lift in prices for Angus and Hereford calves this week in Bandon Mart as numbers continue to run ahead of 2021.
25 April 2022 Markets
Calf prices running 30% behind 2021 levels
The average calf price in marts is now running more than 30% behind the same time last year.
20 April 2022 News
Angus and Hereford calf price eases by €7/head
Traditional beef breeds eased by €7/head on average this week, while Friesian bull calves were up €1/head to an average price of €61/head.
20 April 2022 Markets
In pictures: traditional beef breeds dominate numbers in Bandon
Traditional beef breeds dominated the numbers in Bandon and while prices might appear back at first glance, they remained relatively similar to last week.
18 April 2022 Markets
Reducing numbers sees Friesian bull price lift
As Friesian bull numbers begin to decline, strong export demand is seeing the average price paid for these calves increase compared with last week.
13 April 2022 Markets
Rise in numbers as trade remains firm in Bandon
Calf numbers were up significantly in Bandon mart when compared to early April sales in 2021. Traditional beef breeds continue to dominate the numbers as the trade holds relatively firm
11 April 2022 News
Price ease continues but huge variation within breeds
Overall, calf prices have eased by €7/head to €10/head this week. However, good-quality calves remain a decent trade.
6 April 2022 Markets
Solid if not spectacular calf trade in Bandon this week
Beef breed numbers increased in the calf section in Bandon this week and they met a solid if not spectacular trade.
4 April 2022 News