Postnatal depression: a real illness
Margaret Hawkins
1 in 10 women reported symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety in the months after giving birth according to a recent study. Margaret Hawkins talks to midwife Susan Hogan about how to seek support.
1 March 2023 Health
Mental health: Caring for the carer
Who cares for the carers? No one: you have to care for yourself, writes Enda Murphy, psychotherapist and director of
4 January 2023 Health
Mental health: coping with empty nest syndrome
Dreading an ‘empty nest’ this new year? Psychotherapist Claire Lyons Forde explains how to survive - and thrive - this next chapter in your life.
‘I am single and feel so alone’
Dear Miriam, I am struggling with loneliness after the loss of my mother and this time of year can be very hard.
28 December 2022 Ask Miriam