Northern Ireland
TB at highest level since testing began
David Wright
Analysis of data going back over 60 years indicates disease rates are the highest they have ever been
14 March 2023 Management
Keeping on top of hygiene in calving pens
As spring calving activity ramps up, keeping on top of hygiene in pens is important.
14 March 2023 Buildings
Top five tips on reducing disease pressure in calving and lambing pens
With mid-season lambing and calving well under way, here are some key tips to follow to reduce the disease pressure in housing.
Interim ash dieback scheme does not compensate farmers enough - IFA
The interim ash dieback scheme does not acknowledge the financial cost to farmers, the IFA has said.
13 March 2023 Forestry
Sheep health corner: dealing with entropion, a seldom but frustrating ailment
The condition generally expresses itself in newborn lambs in the first 24 hours of life and causes sore eyes and significant discomfort in lambs.
10 March 2023 Breeding & health
Farmers facing significant losses from deer grazing grassland - report
The Wicklow Deer Management Project started in 2018 with the aim of establishing at least three new deer management units in the county and to put deer management on a more professional basis.
9 March 2023 News
Creating the correct environment to optimise calf performance and health
The environment that the calf is placed in has as much an impact as the feed that goes into it from a weight gain and health perspective.
8 March 2023 Management
Surge in TB reactors on NI farms in 2022
The rates of bovine TB in NI are now at their highest level in 20 years
8 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Recovering from the hidden cost of TB
Portglenone dairy farmers Mervyn and James Kelso saw their herd depopulated in 2022 after an outbreak of TB.
8 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Preparing cattle for turnout
As the temperatures begin to rise, take some time to check all is in place for the upcoming grazing writes Natascha Meunier, Beef HealthCheck programme manager with AHI.
1 March 2023 Animal Health
Curing common calf problems
March is the month of many problems and this can be especially true when it comes to calves.
1 March 2023 Animal Health
Letter on the lack of sheep scab training in Northern Ireland
"Severe shortage of training - action needed." - Name and address with the editor.
1 March 2023 Letters