Five cattle management tasks for August
Kieran Mailey
With autumn just a couple of weeks away, outlined are a few herd management tasks to complete before the end of this month.
10 August 2022 Northern Ireland
BVD herds to be closed up
The legislation will be in place by spring 2023 and it will not be held up by the ongoing political stalemate at Stormont.
10 August 2022 Northern Ireland
Local vet criticises sheep shower operators
Scab is caused by mites, and the dip from shower units does not reach all parts of the sheep.
Significant challenge to finding that any red meat is harmful
Criticism from scientists mount in relation to finding that any red meat is harmful, writes Anne Finnegan.
10 August 2022 News
Topics to be covered at the Thrive open day
Declan Marren previews some of the main topics to be discussed in detail at the Thrive open day.
3 August 2022 Grass & feeding
The state of Ireland's forestry and forest products sector
An increasing forest estate is matched by timber production, but there is a need for timber price information and clarification on actual log production.
27 July 2022 Forestry
Farmers offered training on sheep scab
The information events for farmers have been organised by the NI sheep scab group.
20 July 2022 Northern Ireland
Weekly podcast: nitrates derogation, Food Vision and hurling
This week, we discuss how changes to the nitrates derogation could impact farmer lending, the Food Vision beef and sheep group and the All-Ireland hurling final.
15 July 2022 Podcast
Health and safety tips for beef farms
John McNamara, Francis Bligh and MJ Kelly from Teagasc take a look at some important aspects of farm safety on beef farms.
13 July 2022 Farm safety
Bird flu threat looms over NI after at least seven wild cases confirmed
Case confirmations have been made both north and south, with authorities stating that the strain has been found in wild seabirds.
12 July 2022 Poultry
Bird flu case confirmed in Kerry
The Department of Agriculture has again urged flock owners to be vigilant of signs of bird flu after the latest case was confirmed in Kerry.
11 July 2022 Poultry
Mayflower is something to look forward to in the wheat fields
There’s a new variety in the winter wheat trials and it looks promising on the Septoria front, but it will be another few years before it will be commercially available.
10 July 2022 News