Wet spring delays planting in strawberry sector
Niamh Murphy
Due to wet weather, strawberry supply will not meet demand and there is an expected scarcity for the next few weeks.
Muir left powerless on animal disease
The power to direct and control policy around major animal diseases in NI now lies with the UK government
13 May 2024 News
€5,000/ha ash dieback payment won’t be lump sum
This per hectare payment includes an initial injection of €2,500 once a site is cleared and replanted, with a further two payments of €1,250 some years later.
Case of classical BSE detected in Scotland
There is no risk to human health as a result of this isolated case, the Scottish government has confirmed.
10 May 2024 News
TB trends worsen on farms
The minister has amended comments aimed at farming organisation's engagement with TB controls through the disease's stakeholder forum.
8 May 2024 News
Climate change: driving up animal diseases on your farm
Wetter and warmer weather will bring with them a whole new set of disease pressures for Irish farms. Caitríona Morrissey reports.
8 May 2024 News
Farmer referrals to Rural Support double
Overall, 560 farm families contacted Rural Support for help during 2023/2024, with a 40% increase in calls seen during the last six months.
TB herd incidence now above 5%
A lack of stakeholder engagement on curbing TB spread between cattle is holding up eradication efforts, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has claimed.
7 May 2024 News
Too much land excluded from forestry - Cahill
At the moment, we have an awful lot of land, including peat lands, that are excluded from afforestation, Fianna Fáil TD Jackie Cahill has said.
2 May 2024 News
US beef mince tests negative for bird flu
Some 30 samples of beef mince taken from retail outlets tested negative for the disease.
2 May 2024 News
Actual TB spend in 2023 came to €137m
Including farmer's vet fees and estimated Department staffing costs increases the true spend of TB control to almost twice the reported figure.
1 May 2024 News
Farmers with ash dieback to be paid €5,000/ha
Over 25,000ha of ash forests are estimated to be affected by ash dieback disease in Ireland.
30 April 2024 Schemes