TAMS II reference costs increase by 5% to 15%
Darren Carty
Farm organisations are calling for the Department to update reference costs on a continual basis with calls also to use revised reference costs for tranche 25.
20 April 2022 Markets
Sheep Trends: focus reverts to Ramadan festival
Buying for the festival will remain strong over the next week and will provide a strong floor under the trade and underpin demand at a time of relatively high levels of throughput.
16 April 2022 News
10% to 15% increase in TAMS reference costs for sheep equipment
The reference costs for sheep fencing are 10% higher, while sheep equipment costs are 15% higher with the exception of EID readers and recording systems, which have not moved.
Sustainability: dairy’s scorecard
Aidan Brennan reviews some of the progress made and some of the work to be done as Irish dairy strives to be even more sustainable.
30 March 2022 Management
Ensuring calving facilities and calf sheds are ready for action
It may seem early days to be talking about calving with drying off only now taking place but it won’t be long coming around and early preparations will pay off, writes John Crowe.
1 December 2021 Management
No changes to EID tagging in Northern Ireland
While EID tagging of cattle has been under review in recent years by Government officials it is not a compulsory requirement for herd owners.
1 December 2021 Northern Ireland
Cattle tag change beneficiaries ‘outside the farm gate’ – IFA
The IFA says changes to bovine identification system are not a legislative requirement and are based on a decision taken by the Minister to facilitate meat factories, marts and large feedlots.
8 November 2021 News
Maximum payment of €100 towards EID cattle tag costs
A tag subvention scheme will operate over three years (2022 to 2024 inclusive) with the first payment scheduled to take place in the last quarter of 2022.
3 November 2021 Schemes
Ordering cattle tags amid new electronic tagging rules
From 1 July 2022, all newborn calves will be required to possess electronic identification while from 1 January 2021, approved tag suppliers will be obliged to supply an electronic tag
31 October 2021 News
Taking one final look at your planned lambing date
With concentrate costs continuing to increase, but market forecasts remaining strong, it may be prudent where you have not reviewed your lambing date in some time to see if it is still the best fit for your system.
9 October 2021 Breeding & health
Compulsory bovine EID must be fully funded
IFA animal health chair Pat Farrell said farmers must be provided with adequate funding following the Department of Agriculture's move to introduce compulsory bovine EID tagging from next year.
18 August 2021 Community
EID tagging to cost farmers up to €2.4m
Almost 2.4m calves were born in 2020 and with an EID tag costing at least €1 per set of tags, farmers are facing an extra €2.4m in costs.
11 August 2021 News