Sometimes, a little added pressure is just what we need
Janine Kennedy
Weighted blankets have been proven to improve sleep quality and overall health. Janine Kennedy speaks with an Irish entrepreneur who specialises in these heavy items.
23 February 2022 Careers
Steps to Success: can you be an entrepreneur?
Caroline Murphy is a business owner from west Cork. This month, she takes a look at what makes for a successful entrepreneur.
26 January 2022 Careers
Steps to Success: new year, new you?
Agri-entrepreneur Caroline Murphy is back with some more words of wisdom for the self-employed, or anyone looking to make and maintain some goals this year.
Agri careers: Q&A with Brian O’Reilly of Emerald Greens vertical farm
From growing mushrooms to developing a climate-controlled vertical farm, Brian O’Reilly discusses his transition into hydroponic vertical farming.
12 January 2022 Careers
‘There’s a reason dogs are used at airports for sniffing out illegal smuggling’
Janine Kennedy speaks with Co Laois brothers Noel and Kevin Flanagan about their newest employee – a sweet Springer Spaniel-Lab mix named Penny.
8 December 2021 Features
Steps to Success: patience is a virtue in life and business
Rome wasn't built in a day - in this edition of Steps to Success, Caroline Murphy discusses the virtue of patience and how it can positively affect your life and business.
10 November 2021 Careers
Building a thriving rural food community in Wexford
Building a thriving business is important - but building a business run on local connections and products is something from which an entire community can benefit. Janine Kennedy writes
10 November 2021 Features
A week of hyper-local eating: were we up to the challenge?
The ICL team recently took part in a 50km Diet, where all of the food they ate for a week had to be sourced within a 50km radius of their home. How did they do? This week, we hear from Janine Kennedy
3 November 2021 News
Steps to sucess: self employed farmers and the elusive work-life balance
Careers columnist Caroline Murphy discusses the idea of a work-life balance when you're farming or self-employed - is it even possible?
6 October 2021 Careers
Are you self-employed? Here’s the low-down on pensions and tax savings
Did you know October is financial planning month? Financial planner Barry John Ryan outlines some need-to-know financial info for those who are self-employed.
6 October 2021 Consumer
Local Business: Every cloud has a silver lining
Irene Bermingham talks to entreprenur Aisling Flanagan, co-founder of the Velvet Cloud range of handmade sheep’s milk yoghurt and cheese, about food production and ecommerce sales.
5 May 2021 Careers
LEO tip to starting a business: avoiding unnecessary risks
Last week in our LEO business guide, we looked at preparing for some of the unavoidable risks that coincide with entrepreneurship. This week however, we focus on avoiding the unnecessary risks.
5 May 2021 Careers