Launch of first Rural Safety Plan
Maria Moynihan
A property marking scheme and new Garda app to register personal items are among the initiatives in the first Rural Safety Plan, launched at last week’s Ploughing Championships.
17 August 2022 Features
My Country Living: A farm with a public walk in the Burren
Harry Jeuken grew up on a farm in Holland, but was drawn to Ireland. Now farming in the Burren, he has opened a walk to the public on his farm. In conversation with Anne O’Donoghue.
17 August 2022 Features
Finding a passion for cheese-making in the Lost Valley
In the heart of the Lost Valley, Mike Parle and Darcie Mayland have found a passion for farming and cheese-making, writes Maria Moynihan.
Snail farming in Co Cavan
A part-time suckler farmer, Peter Monaghan decided to add snails to his repertoire in 2016 and has now grown Inis Escargot into a full-time business. In conversation with Anne O’Donoghue.
3 August 2022 Features
Embrace Farm launch financial, legal, agri and emotional support programme
Embrace FARM has launched the Encircle Programme to provide practical financial, legal, agri and emotional support to families left devastated by farming accidents.
15 June 2022 Features
I’m struggling with my workaholic husband
Dear Miriam, my husband is a perfectionist and a workaholic and I'm really struggling.
18 May 2022 Ask Miriam
Rise Series: finding resilience and gratitude while living with cancer
As part of the “Rise” series exploring personal resilience in challenging circumstances, Maria Moynihan talks to Mairéad O’Sullivan about how she finds gratitude in every day while living with cancer.
18 May 2022 Features
Journalist turned sheep farmer stuck in the middle with ewe
Holly Crawford’s new book is a traditional love story, just with added sheep. She discusses moving from England to a Northern Ireland sheep farm in conversation with Anne O’Donoghue.
18 May 2022 Features
Proof some consumers willing to pay more for food that supports farmers
Cheap food is a myth, we are simply not paying the true cost of food but there are models out there giving options to consumers and they are taking them.
11 May 2022 News
Is your farm family Ireland’s fittest family?
Applications for Ireland’s Fittest Family are now open and farm families have a tradition of success on the show.
6 May 2022 Living Life
Musings by Cormac Troy: The inimitable 80s, the best decade of all time!
We can often see the past through rose tinted glasses. Cormac Troy muses over his favourite decade, when he came of age – the 1980s.
20 April 2022 Features