Check finishing cattle have enough feed and lying space
Kieran Mailey
Finishing cattle will be on to maximum concentrate intakes, so it is important that performance is not hindered by over-stocking in sheds.
12 March 2022 Management
Five tips to ad-lib finishing spring-born bulls
Spring-born bulls that will be slaughtered by 16 months of age should be moving on to ad-lib concentrates. Here are five tips to managing bulls through the final finishing phase.
26 February 2022 Management
Five tips for transitioning store cattle on to a finishing diet
Store cattle with a target slaughter date in late May and early June should now be moved on to an intensive finishing diet. Outlined are five tips to make a smooth dietary transition.
Making the call on which stores to kill out of the shed
When deciding on the merits of finishing stores out of the shed, following the following steps will help you make informed decisions.
12 February 2022 Management
Home Farm: aquifers being recharged
We had enough to start drains flowing for the first time since last Spring. I always feel slightly vulnerable in that we rely on our own well for water for both the cattle and the house.
5 January 2022 Opinion
Is feeding oats instead of barley an option in finishing diets?
Recent trial work at Teagasc Grange compared feeding rolled barley with rolled oats to finishing bullocks.
21 November 2021 Grass & feeding
Strategic use of concentrates will still pay
While the cost of concentrates has increased significantly, it is still the most economical diet for finishing lambs intensively indoors.
27 October 2021 Winter Feed
Feeding grain with a difference in Laois
Last week, Adam Woods caught up with busy Laois farmer Robert Moynan to talk about his farming system and why he changed the way he preserves and stores his grain for feeding to livestock.
18 August 2021 Grass & feeding
Beef management: making sure finishing cattle are not overstocked
Providing adequate lying space is something that is often overlooked in finishing cattle, yet will greatly hinder weight gain if not addressed.
23 March 2021 Management
Beef management: time to make a call on finishing or grazing store cattle
For farmers with forward store cattle on farm, early March is a good time to make the call on whether these animals will be finshed out of the shed or go back to grass.
2 March 2021 Management
Beef management: moving store cattle into the finishing period
Weighing store cattle and doing up a simple budget in early will leave farmers better placed when deciding if a margin can be made by finishing such animals out of the shed.
26 January 2021 Management
Rubber slat mats deliver benefit in Teagasc finishing trial
A study carried out in grange recorded a 0.17kg higher daily liveweight in animals housed on rubber mats placed on concrete slatted floors compared to animals housed on just a concrete slatted floor.
13 January 2021 News