Editorial: in respect of the beautiful game of life
Amii McKeever
Is the death of a soccer legend bigger than climate change or an assault on democracy? News coverage of Pelé’s death would suggest it just could be.
21 December 2022 Sport
Sport review 2022: a little bit of history repeating
Shannonsiders silence doubters as Kingdom comes, Royals rule and Ireland top the world.
9 November 2022 Features
Meet the Offaly farmer who has run 600 marathons
Co Offaly farmer Larry Rigney ran his 600th marathon in Dublin in recent weeks. He speaks in conversation with Anne O’Donoghue about life on and off the road.
Sun sets on Sky era of GAA coverage
With Sky’s departure and changes to RTÉ programmes and GAAGO, a new era may be dawning for coverage of the national sports.
2 November 2022 Sport
Denny Fitz: the art of the subtle ‘sledge’
When it comes to getting under a fella’s skin on the pitch, there’s more satisfaction in being subtle, writes Denny Fitz
2 November 2022 Features
Denny Fitz: Colourful commentary
Denny Fitz reflects on some of the more colourful commentators he has encountered in the GAA.
5 October 2022 Features
Ireland is in with a chance for the UEFA Nations League
The Irish soccer team could end up either coming first or coming fourth in their group in the UEFA Nations League.
21 September 2022 Sport