Remaining GLAS+ payments of €650,000 commence
Rachel Donovan
Farmers in GLAS+ were rewarded for additional environmental contributions.
24 June 2022 Schemes
Countdown to cutting of hay meadows
Hay meadows conserved under the GLAS and REAP agri-environmental schemes can be cut from Friday 1 July, with this date also marking permitted topping of LIPP parcels.
22 June 2022 News
New ACRES scheme: your questions answered
The Department of Agriculture has published a series of responses to questions farmers have asked about the new ACRES scheme.
New ACRES scheme: how to check if you're eligible
Eligibility for the new scheme revealed from Wednesday 22 June 2022.
21 June 2022 News
New environment scheme ‘far from’ new REPS - IFA
The IFA has claimed a new agri-environment scheme is “extremely complicated” and warned that it will “exclude many farmers”.
9 June 2022 News
Last chance saloon for wild bird cover and ragwort control
There is just days left to get wild bird cover crops planted as the 31 May deadline under the Green Low-Carbon Agri-Environmental Scheme fast approaches.
27 May 2022 Schemes
Payment of €24m of 2021 GLAS balance begins
Over 39,000 farmers are set to receive the balance of their agri-environmental payment over the coming weeks, the minister has said.
18 May 2022 News
Greater integration sought for CAP forestry and environmental schemes
Private forestry firms claimed that the restrictive nature of agri-environmental schemes had curtailed farmer involvement in commercial planting.
11 May 2022 News
Less than a month left to sow wild bird cover
Ground conditions in more marginal areas, which in many years are trickier to navigate, are ideal this year.
6 May 2022 Schemes
Beneficial changes are being accelerated by policy
While tillage farming is increasingly accepted as being best in class on emissions, there is always more that can be done as profitability can run parallel to sustainability.
Farmers must be reimbursed for burden of designations - INHFA
According to the INHFA, over 30,000 farmers are impacted by land designations.
27 April 2022 News
Traditional hay meadows should be closed by now
There have been some queries regarding whether the closing date of 15 April had been extended in light of escalating input costs, but this is not the case.
22 April 2022 Schemes