Five steps to get summer grazing back on track
Kieran Mailey
Cool temperatures and rain have dominated weather patterns in June, hampering grass growth. But with growth set to pick up again, outlined are five tips to get grazing back on track.
4 June 2024 Management
Fertiliser window for grazing and silage aftermath
With plenty of rain showers this week, there will be opportunities to get fertiliser on grazing swards and slurry on silage aftermath.
The Grass Week: keeping quality in grazing ground and fertilising second cuts
We are approaching the time of the year for grasses to head out, so it is also when grass quality can go downhill in grazing and silage swards.
Managing the grazing rotation through peak grass growth
Grass growth is running ahead of demand, making it harder to manage grazing rotations.
21 May 2024 Management
Five tips to keep on top of grass quality in May
Grass growth is increasing and will exceed demand during May. Outlined are five tips to keep on top of grass quality over the coming weeks.
4 May 2024 Management
Five tips to setting up paddocks for beginners
For farmers thinking about setting up paddocks for the first time, outlined are some tips to keep in mind.
27 April 2024 Management