My daughter wants us to pay for her post-Leaving Cert holiday
Ask Miriam
Dear Miriam, my daughter wants us to pay for her post-Leaving Cert holiday
6 April 2022 Features
Living Life: travel tips from the experts
Looking forward to travelling again? Maria Moynihan talks to those in the know for their top tips for staycations, city breaks and summer holidays
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Caroline Murphy is back with more words of wisdom for the self-employed. How can you take it easy over the holidays when you run your own business?
15 December 2021 Careers
Santa Claus is coming to town
Parents and grandparents on the Irish Country Living and Irish Farmers Journal team share their recent visits to the man in the red hat... Oh, and they brought some kids with them too
1 December 2021 Features
Damien’s Diary: taking time to count our blessings
While on a break in Ljubljana, Damien O’Reilly takes some time to reflect on how people’s attitudes to certain things differ across the continent.
8 September 2021 Damien O'Reilly
Editorial: epic parenting fails on holidays? “Be grand!”
When holidaying in Ireland, it might rain, kids will constantly look for food and you will most definitely forget to bring something. It isotally worth it, for the people you meet writes Amii McKeever
25 August 2021 Amii
Mindfulness with Catherine Callaghan: that holiday feeling
It is possible to get that ‘holiday feeling’ from your every day life – you just need to allow yourself the time to just be, writes Catherine Callaghan.
18 August 2021 Features
Damien O’Reilly: taking in the cities less travelled
Are you someone who has trouble ‘switching off’? Damien O’Reilly admits he is, as he enjoys his ‘holiday’ in Brussels
18 August 2021 Damien O'Reilly
Are there more buzzards about or was I just oblivious to what’s around me?
Stick with holidaying at home or now that you can travel or go abroad for a holiday? If there is nothing more than weather taking you, will you go? Amii McKeever is staying put.
21 July 2021 Amii
Katherine O’Leary: on holidays but still farming
A holiday in Donegal proves to be utter bliss, but farming never stops as Katherine O’Leary found herself outside a big shed in Ballymena.
21 July 2021 Katherine O'Leary