Nitrates Action Plan: Monitoring and regulating nutrient use
Darren Carty
New features include the introduction of a register for chemical fertiliser sales, increased inspections, mandatory use of LESS equipment for more farmers and a review of sewage/sludge management.
15 March 2022 Features
We can’t reach climate goals without addressing water conservation
Is water conservation important in a place like Ireland? Janine Kennedy speaks with representatives of An Fóram Uisce regarding its latest research on domestic water use.
2 March 2022 Careers
More women need to be encouraged to become engineers
With STEPS Engineers Week around the corner, Janine Kennedy speaks with women who work within the sector. Why would they encourage more students – especially girls – to pursue a career in engineering?
Storm Eunice: 130km/h gusts leave thousands without electricity or water
Supplies of water and electricity have been interrupted in at least three counties leaving thousands without a normal supply of utilities.
18 February 2022 News