Parlour retrofits can help ease on labour
Martin Merrick
An upgrade on parlour equipment might be a more prudent spend on money than a spanking new unit, writes Martin Merrick.
9 August 2022 Buildings
Install spur roads when it’s dry to graze when it’s wet
Installing a spur roadway in August will be a welcome relief in February.
2 August 2022 Buildings
Skipping the Sunday evening milking
As milk yields begin to drop, skipping an evening milking might prove tempting to some dairy farmers.
Optimising milking time with parlour efficiency
With 33% of labour hours on dairy farms spent milking cows, milking and parlour efficiency are essential to the smooth running on farm.
26 July 2022 Buildings
Removing the bull to compact calving in spring
When should the bull be removed to prevent breeding and calving happening at the same time, asks Martin Merrick.
12 July 2022 Breeding & health
Making effective use of your contractor
Agricultural contractors are an effective tool to reduce your own labour input and reduce the need for investment on farm machinery.
5 July 2022 Buildings
Labour-saving innovations from the Royal Highland Show
Martin Merrick looks at some of the award-winners and innovations from the Royal Highland Show.
29 June 2022 Buildings
Effective communications with relief workers
Whether it be a family member, a neighbour of hired staff, setting up the farm and clearly communicating will allow you to take time away from the farm.
28 June 2022 Buildings
Early evening milking to finish at a reasonable hour
Planning the day around an earlier evening milking time is key to managing your time off farm.
21 June 2022 Buildings
Greater scrutiny being placed on farm investments
With higher spending being apportioned to rising input costs such as fertiliser and feed, farmers are putting more consideration into investment in farm infrastructure.
27 April 2022 Infrastructure
Dairy management: calving problems and bad weather halting calf sales
Aidan Brennan says now is the time to take stock of how calving is going and implement changes to avoid problems repeating.
16 February 2022 Management