Grain Trends: futures up but physicals down
Andy Doyle
There is an ongoing tug of war between the supply and demand sides of the market
2 November 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: Black Sea decisions drive markets
The majority of market movement over the past seven days hinged around the varying statements on the Black Sea corridor
12 October 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: another week of big price movements
Markets continue to show high volatility, with increased tensions in the Black Sea region being a major concern.
Grain Trends: falling supply strengthens sentiment
Price fluctuation remains high in grain markets as overall global supply continues to tighten.
5 October 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: prices lift into another volatility band
Recent currency movements have added to price volatility in grain markets.
28 September 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: volatility was high for the past week
Markets showed considerable volatility for the past week, but the trading band is now higher.
21 September 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: markets flip upwards yet again
Concerns over global maize production and the Black Sea trade corridor continue to add volatility to grain markets
14 September 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: maize forecasts set market direction
Grain markets witnessed considerable volatility over the past week, with maize forecasts providing most of the influential news.
31 August 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: market signals see prices ebb and flow
The tug of war between tight production numbers and harvest pressure continues.
17 August 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: market steady but with harvest pressure
Weather remains a significant factor in market sentiment, but harvest pressure is dominating for the time being.
10 August 2022 Markets
Grain markets continue to oscillate
Recent market movements suggest that it is not sure what it should be doing but it still seems like supply and demand are likely to remain tight as we go forward.
13 July 2022 Markets
Grain market and moisture deductions
Grain markets have turned upwards once again, but there is little certainly for now that this will remain the direction of travel.
11 July 2022 Markets