Agricultural consultants call for more Government support
Caitríona Morrissey
Access to publicly funded information and research is needed for all farmers, the Agricultural Consultants Association has said.
22 March 2023 Schemes
Eco scheme mistakes could cost farmers €2,000 each
Departmental follow-up queries with applicants who withdrew their participation in eco schemes show many did so in error.
22 March 2023 Community
There is life beyond the CAP – in forestry
There is flexibility in the CAP as farmers who wish to plant in the future can do so without risking clawback of monies already paid out. Mark McAuley, director of Forest Industries Ireland, reports.
Apps for contractors to help eliminate paperwork
Gary Abbott and Peter Thomas Keaveney look at three examples of smartphone apps and accounting solutions to help make contractors' lives easier when it comes to recording job information and invoicing
22 March 2023 Contracting
Dairy Beef Welfare Scheme opens with increased capacity for eligible calves
The number of eligible calves which farmers will be paid for weighing has increased to 50.
20 March 2023 News
Department confirms new scheme payment dates
The new payment dates, which were proposed at last week's charter meeting, have been confirmed by the Department.
20 March 2023 Schemes
New liming programme: farmer questions answered
The new liming scheme will pay farmers €16/t to offset the cost of buying and spreading lime.
17 March 2023 News
Delayed farm payments completely unacceptable - independent chair needed
IFA rural development chair Michael Biggins said farmers, particularly those in the vulnerable sectors, simply cannot afford any delay in farm payments.
15 March 2023 Community
Italian fraudsters accused of claiming farm payments
There were no specific mentions of conflicts of interest or a misappropriation of farm payments in Ireland in the audit report.
15 March 2023 News
Inflation eating away at farm payments
Just over £300m in direct payments is due to come to NI farmers in 2023.
15 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Transfer of entitlements system now open
The online systems for transfers of payment entitlements, National Reserve and Complementary Income Support for Young Farmers are now open.
15 March 2023 Schemes
INHFA warns of cashflow impact of payment delays
The INHFA came out strongly against plans to push back farm payments at the back end of the year.
13 March 2023 News